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Next Gathering:

Delray Speaks

Wednesday,October 22, 2014


Location: Spady Museum, 170 NW 5 Ave., Delray Beach, FL

Topic: Beach at Delray: Florida's Segregation Dispute Continued


Separate but equal swimming facilities for black people during the 1950’s was a contentious issue in Delray Beach.  The black citizens wanted a safe place for their children to swim and with the municipal beach off-limits and the public swimming pool un-welcoming, there were few options. What motivated decision makers to refuse public access to black people? How did the black community respond? How was the issue resolved and at what cost? These and other details will be explored at this month’s Delray Speaks.

Exit Poll: 

September  24, 2014: Have you ever been unfairly denied admission into a public building or space? 50% yes 50% no

August 27, 2014: Are interracial couples that include a black man or woman less accepted in society than other couples? 40%-no, 60%-yes

July 23, 2014: Is the civil rights struggle over? 60%-no, 40%-yes

May 28, 2014: Do you consider yourself beautiful? 83%-yes, 17%-no

April 23, 2014: Do you have a safe house, halfway house, sober house on your street? 8%-yes, 84%-no, 8%-IDK

March 26, 2014: Do you shop or attend events east of Swinton Avenue in Delray Beach? 85%-YES, 15%-NO.  If no, why not? Too expensive -67%, Not comfortable-67%, Not Interested-0, Time-34%

Feb 26, 2014: Do you shop or attend events east of Swinton Avenue in Delray Beach? 100% YES


The Lion Speaks Podcast:

Delray Speaks is a community forum intended to encourage open diaglogue about relevant topics affecting residents and visitors of South Florida. The forum is hosted by the Spady Museum and facilitated by Delray Beach residents. Topics are selected at random by forum participants and organizers. All opinions expressed are acknowledged and respected and belong solely to their owners and do not necessarily reflect those of the Spady Museum, the facilitator or the forum organizers. These forums are open to the public and everyone is welcome.