Bringing People Together In Celebration of Black History

The Spady Museum Story

Bringing People Together


In Celebration Of Black History

The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum, Inc. is a Florida non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve and share Black history. We are located in an historic home built and occupied by the family of Solomon D. Spady in the 1920s through 1950s. We also care for a 1930s craftsman cottage and in these two historic structures we host exhibitions, educational programs, and community events.

The primary objectives of the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum are preservation and education. We believe in the preservation of important historic structures to benefit the communities in which those structures are located. 

The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum takes pride in the role of African descendants in building our nation and will continue to preserve and share that information with future generations.

The Spady Museum’s Heritage Garden

The garden at the Spady Museum is filled with plants and trees that were flourishing in Delray Beach in the 1920s when Solomon D. Spady arrived from Townsend, VA. The garden was planned and installed by the City of Delray Beach.porary shows on minorities in medicine and the arts have adorned its walls.

In 2023, Community Greening, an urban forestry non-profit organization, added slash pine trees, a white guava tree, a sugar apple tree and a gumbo limbo tree to the site. These trees provide fruit and shade to the Spady Museum campus which represents the canopy of trees remembered by citizens who grew up in Delray Beach.

Bill Wilshire talks to Charlene about planning the Spady Museum Heritage Garden followed by descriptions of plants in the Garden.


Solomon D. Spady

Solomon D. Spady | Biography

Most Influential African American In Delray Beach

It has become a destination for people of all cultures seeking information about Florida’s early Black communities and culture. The museum has exhibited a series of shows, highlighting the talents and influences of African-Americans, Caribbean-Americans and Haitian-Americans. Shows ranging from photographic galleries of founding families to contemporary shows on minorities in medicine and the arts have adorned its walls.

In addition, through its Youth Cultural Empowerment Program, Ride & Remember Trolley Tours, special events, Spady Living Heritage Festival and community forums, the museum has become a community hub for the exchange of ideas, art and culture.

Vision, Mission & Values

The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum


Values we believe in

– Collecting, preserving and sharing history, artifacts and buildings
– The education of the community
– Historical accuracy and integrity
– Bringing people together around Black history


Vision Statement

The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum envisions a culturally and economically vibrant community where the history and contributions of the Black communities of Palm Beach County is understood and appreciated.


Mission Statement

The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum’s mission is to preserve and share the rich cultural experiences of Black communities.


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