Celebrating Our 20th Year in 2021

Spady Museum Celebrating 20 Years of Service in 2021

Bringing People Together

Spady Museum Celebrating 20 Years of Service in 2021

Cultural Leadership Academy

Dedicated to Empowering Delray Beach Youth Through Knowledge of Self

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Spady Museum Celebrating 20 Years of Service in 2021

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Spady Cultural Heritage Museum

The Spady Museum Celebrated its 20th Anniversary July 27, 2021

Spady Museum is dedicated to discovering, collecting, and sharing the Black history and heritage of Palm Beach County.

Located at 170 NW Fifth Avenue in Delray Beach, the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum is the only museum of its kind in Palm Beach County dedicated to showcasing the contributions of members of the African Diaspora to Florida and the U.S.

Celebrating 20 years of service in 2021. Event Gallery

Bringing People Together In Celebration of Black History

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